A Visitors Guide to the Dominican Republic's Samana Peninsula
White sandy beaches, cool azure waters, balmy Caribbean nights: the Dominican Republic’s Samana Peninsula is this and more. Coconut-covered mountains that march down to the sea, majestic capes that plunge to the ocean’s depths where vibrant, coral reefs teem with brightly-colored fish and spiny lobster, crystal-clear streams that wend their way through the peninsula’s lush arroyos, playful waterfalls tumbling down the verdant hills, the shrill chatter of bright green, Dominican parrots, the murmur of the ever-present trade wind caressing the feathered arms of the coconut palms, cicadas singing through the starry night, the melodic strains of bachata, merengue and salsa: the sights and sounds of Samana are never far away.  
Described by Christopher Columbus as “the fairest land on the face of the earth,” the Samana Peninsula is considered by Dominicans and visitors alike as the prettiest part of the island of Hispaniola. It is the jewel in the crown of Republica Dominicana. And with much of the Caribbean now well-developed, the peninsula’s pristine beaches and sparsely-populated, mountainous terrain resplendent with an abundance of tropical vegetation are not only a welcome change, but are all that remain of the true magic of the tropical Caribbean.

Samana is the
real Caribbean, the Caribbean of 40 years ago, the Caribbean that awakens memories of a bygone era when each tropical shore, each bend in an old dirt road brought new adventure and a wondrous sense of anticipation exploring a developing region that had seemingly shielded itself from the stress and pressures of modern day life. Samana today is still that; a return to a simpler place and time where the magic of discovery still awaits our visitors.

And through the magic of the internet, SamanaOnline and Hotel elMarinique are pleased to welcome you to our tropical paradise and hope that you find our website informative and pleasing as we provide a glimpse into the magic of the peninsula that we simply call Samana. And to help express the splendor and beauty of the Samana Peninsula, there are many photographs throughout the website which may take a moment to load. We appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy them as you browse our site.

Headquartered in the Dominican Republic,
SamanaOnline is an international collaboration of media professionals dedicated to providing the internet’s best source of information about our tropical paradise. And unlike most web sites about the Samana peninsula, we have a well-known Samana internet-correspondent located in Las Galeras at the tip of the Samana peninsula.

We’re local, we live here and we know Samana.

As we are new and growing, feel free to mail us with any comments or suggestions you may have. We invite you to join us now and experience the magic of the real Caribbean, the magic of Samana.

Bienvenidos a’ Samana. Welcome to Samana, and

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