The Dominican Republic is primarily served by one major telephone company, a Dominican subsidiary of Verizon. Motorola’s Tricom is also involved but not to the extent of Verizon. Although the cities and larger towns have regular, hard-wired distribution systems, with much of the country remote and mountainous, transmission between city systems is by microwave with a series of towers crossing the country. In addition to voice transmission, computer-quality data flow and internet connection is offered with standard modem speeds approaching 50k bps. The more rapid Verizon Flash service is available in the larger towns and DSL is now offered in the big cities.
As many of the country’s smaller cities and towns have only a local Verizon or Tricom telephone center where calls may be made, cellular service has become very popular. In addition to Verizon, cellular service is provided by Tricom, Orange and Centennial with most of the country being covered.
However, due to terrain restrictions, there are still “dead spots” with much of the Samana peninsula’s mountainous interior and some of the more remote coastal areas (including Las Galeras) without cellular service. Fortunately the Las Galeras community is served by a wired Verizon system and two private telephone/internet centers.  

Las Terrenas



In addition to having wired systems, there are Verizon telephone centers with internet access and private internet cafes in Las Terrenas, Samana and Sanchez. Short-term, cellular phone rentals are also available from some cellular phone centers and more peninsula hotels are now offering some communication services including long distance, internet access and fax to their guests.
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