Just a few years ago long distance communication for most peninsula residents was limited to the single Verizon telephone center located in each of the peninsula’s four major towns. It was necessary for residents and tourists alike to venture to the nearest center to place a call. With the centers jammed with people waiting to use the handful of available telephones, a wait of up to 15 to 20 minutes was commonplace. Today, the centers are almost empty now that space-age communication has reached our peninsula.  
Communications in the less-populated, rural areas and small villages are now being provided by Verizon with today’s version of the old-fashioned telephone booth: a completely self-contained, satellite telephone station that uses the widely-available and prepaid Verizon Comunicard instead of coins. It is solar powered and has a direct satellite link (DSL). Small communities that did not justify the cost of a regular telephone center are now being served by this low-cost DSL system and some of them even now have internet capabilities utilizing other DSL equipment. These phone stations are now widely available throughout the entire peninsula.      
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