In addition to CD’s that are widely available in all kinds of local stores, there’s always a vendor plying the streets, restaurants and bars with his hands full of the island’s latest musical offerings. Particularly popular are the CD’s with a mixture of artists performing some of their best songs. At first impression his prices may seem reasonable (in comparison to prices in our home countries) but just remember to bargain with him as his quoted price is usually high (as is true of most other Dominican street-vendors).

The availability our music is not limited to the island anymore. CD’s and cassettes are now being sold in some of the larger, discount chain-stores in the United States and are also available in other countries throughout the world.

With the peninsula’s entertainment limited to dancing in the nightclubs, salsa bars and discos or participating in the resorts’ live, floor-shows, day’s end is for spectacular sunsets followed by leisurely dining and strolling on a moonlit beach. You won’t find movie theaters, staid museums, traveling cultural exhibitions or all those big-city diversions on our quiet, laid-back peninsula. However if nightlife and a long list of myriad activities is a must on your travel list, there’s always Santo Domingo, an international city with a beat all its own.
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