With much of the peninsula still undeveloped, there’s plenty of available land for sale. Prices range from about a dollar per square meter for remote, countryside properties to over $100usd per square meter for prime, commercial-oceanfront property in populated areas. Oceanfront property in the more remote, undeveloped areas can run as little as $3usd per square meter, but it is usually without an accessible beach.
Other peninsula offerings include homes, villas, condominiums and business opportunities. Property is available from private sellers, real estate agents and agencies and project developers. In addition to advertised and listed availabilities, many non-listed properties have signs posted with appropriate contact information.    
  Foreign nationals may own property in the Dominican Republic but as in any real estate purchase anywhere, good legal representation is an absolute must. Land is secured by sovereign title and for tax purposes, it is generally better to create a Dominican corporation as the actual land purchaser and title holder.

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