Most of the boutiques and souvenir shops are located in Las Terrenas and Samana with a few in Las Galeras. Also, you’ll generally find small boutiques and gift shops in many of the larger hotels and resorts. Many of the shops offer souvenirs, wearing apparel and colorful, beach towels. In addition to the usual selection of cheap trinkets, hand-carved figurines made from Dominican and imported tropical woods, semi-precious lorimar jewelry and genuine amber artifacts may also be found.
Art “galleries” with mass-produced, inexpensive Haitian art are usually found in roadside displays with the more valuable Dominican art found indoors displayed in the better stores. Las Terrenas has a greater selection of original art as a handful of artists live there. Offerings from noted Dominican artists are generally found in the fine art galleries in Santo Domingo and Santiago.    
    Local vendors ply the populated beach areas and offer various trinkets and souvenirs. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets and having beads woven into one’s hair are popular purchases from these vendors with many offerings being custom-produced on the spot for the buyer.
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