A few stores offer finer apparel mostly consisting of colorful dresses and tropical shirts. However, day-to-day clothing is easily found in many small stores with fake, designer-label goods generously mixed in with regular labels. Inexpensive shoes are imported with only a few kinds such as sandals or thongs produced in the Dominican Republic. Again be aware as fake, designer-label shoes are also widely offered as the real thing.
No trip to the peninsula is complete without a visit to Samana’s busy mercado (farmer’s market). Located in the center of the city of Samana at the traffic light on the main road (the only light and it is usually not working), the market is the focal point for the peninsula.    
    Here you will find a little bit of everything for sale with such diverse items as fresh fruit and vegetables to homemade saddles for horses and mules displayed inside the big building, in the little stores or arrayed outside on the ground.
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